Birding safaris 

We at Tingala are keen birders and would love nothing more than to take you on a birding safari. The high diversity and density of bird species in the Kruger Park allows for an incredible birding experience. Meandering through the park in our open game-viewing vehicle offers amazing bird watching opportunities. The sheer number of birds and variety of species (over 500 species) in a wide range of habitats makes it hard not to tally up a host of “best ever” sightings!

Are you a serious birder keen to rack up an impressive list including the sought-after endemics and near-endemics? Or are you the more relaxed birder who prefers a slower pace and a more balanced African experience? Do you have only a few hours to go birding? A full day? Unlimited time? Let us know and we will put together for you a birding safari that will suit your exact birding requirements. Our birding safaris are run at your desired pace and to your specific requirements, and also include information sheets and checklists, and a professional guide who will give you a fascinating, rewarding and exciting birding safari.